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Pack of 6 Large Copper Slug Rings

Pack of 6 Large Copper Slug Rings

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These large hand-made copper rings are ideal for medium to large plants such as lettuces, lupins, tulips, delphiniums and hostas. On top of using the rings as singles, you can open and connect multiple rings to work around wider areas.

Unlike harmful sprays and chemical applications, copper rings are environmentally friendly and last for many years. If anything, they actually look better as they age and develop an attractive patina.

  • Set of 6 large nesting rings.
  • Handmade from copper in England.
  • Rigid shape due to formed edges.


  • Height / 5cm
  • Diameter / 17cm (average)


  • Press the slug ring into the soil around the plant.
  • Make sure that there are no slugs or snails trapped inside. Have a good root around to be certain, because they won't be able to get out. In the 1st few days check that you didn't miss any.
  • The rings are scrunched into the soil a little way to no gaps underneath for a slug to sneak through. Wet the soil first if it is too hard.
  • There are no leaves overhanging the ring and touching the soil to make a bridge for slugs and snails to cross.
  • Foliage doesn't overhang the ring from outside, allowing snails to abseil in.
  • To take the slug ring off a climber, or a plant which has grown very bushy, rotate the ring to a convenient position, pull the join apart and open the ring enough to clear the plant. Then gently and firmly push the join back together(It can be easier to put one corner of the tongue in first).


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