Peat-Free Multi-Purpose Compost, 50ltr

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Heart of Eden Peat Free Multi-Purpose Compost, large 50 litre bag.

A quality peat-free compost, enriched with naturally occurring nutrients and balanced fertiliser levels to ensure healthy and vigorous plants at all stages of growth.
It can be used for sowing seeds, rooting cuttings, and filling pots, hanging baskets and tubs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable for indoor plants and for outdoor use in your garden.
  • A blend of materials including composted bark fines and PAS100 certified soil improver with added nutrients.
  • Peat free.
  • Produced with bark fines of which 90% of particles are in the range of 0-10mm.
  • Free from contamination.
  • Durable, long lasting and free from pathogens and pests.