Collection: Cretan Terracotta Pots

Toms Yard is one of the UK's leading direct importers of Cretan terracotta pots. These clay pots are loved for their natural appearance and sublime quality, each piece of pottery is fired in a kiln longer and hotter than mass-market terracotta. The results are truly authentic, beautiful and, most importantly, lasting Cretan pots for your garden.

Based in South Herefordshire, Thomas dispatches his terracotta pots on a nationwide basis and personally covers Shropshire down to North Wiltshire and South Warwickshire/ West Oxfordshire across to Cardiff. Clients benefit from competitive prices, passion and knowledge of traditional Cretan pots.

We also have a range of Old Antique Pots and Olive trees, perfect for enhancing any home or garden.


A standard kerbside pallet is charged from £40. Depending on the pots you are looking at - more than one pot may be able to fit on one pallet. In this case, get in touch to discuss your order. Personal delivery is charged at £1 + VAT per mile (one way only). Thomas typically covers most areas within a 2hr radius from the Yard.

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We always suggest viewings, if you are able to do so. This way you can speak through your requirements with Thomas and he will be able to advise on what will look best with what you are trying to achieve. These conversations have many times saved Clients from ordering inappropriate pots for their projects.

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