Here are the answers to the questions I am frequently asked.


Do your terracotta pots come with drainage holes?

Yes. Each piece will have holes in the base to ensure adequate drainage. Smaller planters and decorative pots may only have a single hole. As the surface of this terracotta is so porous the size of these holes are sufficient for assisting with the drainage of excess water. Remember, terracotta is porous in comparison to glazed, stone, metal or other composite materials. Clay is always best for the health of your plants.


How are they with the frost?

Exceptional. I am not aware of any other clay pots that have better qualities against frost, bar matched pots by select English potteries. If I did - you would see them on this website!


All of my pots are made to stay outdoors 365 days of the year. Where they should remain for years to come. Like anything in life, there are steps you could take to look after your pots - just like a car.


On flat surfaces & bare earth, pots should be raised or sat on a drainage system. It is not essential to fleece them in Winter, though should you choose to do so - it would never be a bad idea. Common sense I always say!


How are your prices so low compared to other retailers?

The difference isn't in the quality of the product, it's in how I run the business. I import large quantities of terracotta and operate a simple business. The savings I make working in this fashion are passed on to you.


What will they look like after a few years?

After a few months you may notice your pots turning slightly lighter in appearance. After around a year they will start to develop a dusky, milky white finish and they lose that off-the-shelf look. This occurs as nutrients from the soil wash through the porous, mineral rich clay walls. After many years they will begin to develop darker patches and 'age' as the terracotta weathers from exposure to the elements. The mixture of the darker patches on the milky white terracotta looks sensational.​ If your terracotta is sat under a tree or in a position surrounded by greenery it may develop a green, algae-like colour. This can look unsightly but don't worry, it is easily wiped off with water and a wet cloth. 


Can you deliver?

Yes. For local Clients I will aim to personally deliver but for deliveries further afield I will either use a nationwide pallet service or a courier. Whichever is a) most cost effective or b) suits the Clients individual needs taking the size of the order, access and time into consideration.


Do you offer a Design Service?

I am certainly no Garden Designer, and I do not claim to be. However, I am more than confident in advising the dressing of a pre-prepared area such as a terrace/patio, key focal points, or making helpful suggestions. This is my favourite part of the job.


If you would like me to visit your property or business I can bring a small selection of pots for you to see the colour of the terracotta and the forms in-situ. Even if you have a single plant that you intend to purchase or an established specimen at home that requires potting-on, I'm more than happy to advise on the ideal planter.


I'm worried about my pot tipping over. What can I do?

With pots and planters with a more narrow foot, a great tip is to fill the base with rocks. This added weight will lower the centre of gravity and, if you are planning on planting, this will assist the drainage. a win-win! Just make sure to be careful when lowering into the terracotta. We don't want any breakages!


Do you deal with trade?

Yes. For Designers and businesses, I offer a flat-rate discount to encourage working relationships. I am very open about this as it's general practice in many industries for parties making regular orders.



Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! Many small & independent businesses are thrilled to find out I offer wholesale. This gives you access to quality pots without the extensive capital and storage outlay.


If you have any questions not answered above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.