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Helios Cretan Terracotta Ribbed Pots

Helios Cretan Terracotta Ribbed Pots

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The Helios Cretan Terracotta pot is an unusual, contemporary garden pot that is a stunning addition to any home or garden. The shape of this large clay Cretan pot is suitable for making a perfect display for 'shrubby' flowers such as salvia, viburnum, hydrangea.. Thomas admits to having a row at home!

This is the only Cretan clay pot that isn't hand-thrown, however, like the rest it is still fired in a kiln over 3 days at temperatures reaching around 1200 celsius. Our 37cm x 45cm terracotta clay pot is constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them a perfect choice for outdoor use. Terracotta ribbed pots are an ideal way to add a touch of natural beauty to your home decor.

This Helios clay pot features rows of crisp horizontal ribs down the body and has a classic design with warm, earthy tones that makes it a timeless addition to any space wherever they are placed. Hand-finished and frost hardy to -20°C. Read more about the process below.


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