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Antique Cretan Terracotta Pithoi 1

Antique Cretan Terracotta Pithoi 1

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An original Pithoi from Crete.

Scarcely are genuine original Pithoi seen in the UK (those actually used for the storage). The method of using large, wide terracotta vessels to hold grains and oils was common practice on the island and is an aspect of the culture that goes back thousands of years.

This large, sculptural jar would make an incredible statement - be it inside or outside a property.

Get in touch regarding nationwide personal delivery.

Height / 105cm


Nothing is more sustainable than using antiques around your home and garden. Buying antiques is a truly effective way for you to take direct action to help the environment. It is the ultimate in recycling with antiques being the eco-conscious choice that is often overlooked.

Condition Disclaimer

All of our antique pots have been personally sourced and chosen.

  • Expect minor scratches, nicks, chibbles and scuffs along with light surface wear and variations in colour due to exposure to the elements. These aren't 'off the shelf' products.
  • Unless stated in the description, these arrive structurally sound and free from detrimental cracks. Thomas wouldn't sell anything that he personally wouldn't be confident using.
  • Condition Reports. Should you ever like a condition report on a specific pot just send us a message and we will get back to you with relevant comments and pictures.
  • We offer no guarantee on antique/reclaimed pots. However, we see that as they have survived for multiple decades, looked after, they will go on much longer. See below for details.



Should harsh frosts be expected, particularly for prolonged periods, ensure to either wrap your pots with plastic bubble wrap or move them to a more sheltered spot to be stored until going back out on display in Spring (a glasshouse, shed, garage, outdoor kitchen...).

However, don't forget that each of these pots have lasted numerous Seasons over the course of their lives so far. The Mediterranean can see equally cold Winters as we do here.


All of our antique pots feature drainage holes in the base. In the Yard we have discovered that soggy Autumn/Winter leaf drop can lead to drainage holes becoming clogged up. To combat this we recommend that you place a wire mesh inside your pot to catch leaf drop before it gathers in the base.


Due to the nature of our antique pots, we would always recommend a personal delivery service or courier to handle your delivery.

Contact Thomas directly for a quote.

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I bought two Cretan pots for my sister's 40th birthday present, with only a week's notice. Tom was incredibly helpful - made a huge effort to get the pots safely to her on time - and even called to follow up and check on their safe arrival. The pots themselves are beautiful - my sister is delighted. I cannot recommend Tom's Yard highly enough - great products and flawless customer service!


I purchased an Olive Tree and a Tuscan Planter from Tom's Yard. The items were delivered by Tom and he planted the tree for me and positioned the pot. I'm very pleased with both items and they look stunning in my garden. Tom also gave me advice on how to care for the Tree. I would highly recommend Tom, he's a very nice chap and a true professional. I will buy from him again.


Bought a beautiful Pot from Tom and had excellent service. If you want lovely pots for your garden this is the place to go. Very good value, excellent advice and great communications. The pots are stunning and Tom has a wide variety to choose from. Highly recommended.


I met Tom a month ago when I bought 2 beehive pots. I was so impressed with the product and his knowledge I visited his yard today. I bought 5 pots - and am so pleased with them. I will definitely go back to buy more.
His yard is amazing and I would recommend a visit- you will not be disappointed.

Need Help?

Looking at something you love but have some questions? Specific information not answered in the description, delivery quote required or seek further images? Pop Thomas an email and he'll follow up at the very soonest.