Sneeboer Weeding Trowel

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The Sneeboer hand-forged, stainless steel Weeding Trowel. One of the best-selling Sneeboer tools & Thomas' favourite.

The weeding trowel features a long, narrow and tapered blade that is sharpened on both sides. The middle of the blade is bent in a V shape on the long side of the blade which flows into the neck connecting the blade to the handle. This fabrication process ensures that the tool is very strong and practically unbreakable. 

The weeding trowel is ideal for planting out long rooted seedlings and plants like sweet peas when you require a deep narrow planting hole. But it is also extremely useful for removing tap rooted weeds (like dandelions) and reaching into difficult areas in the garden for general weeding. The long blade can also be used to scrape clean (terracotta) pots.

The weeding trowel can hold its own in sandy, clay, limestone, or even rocky soil types.

Features a solid turned ash handle which is positioned in such a way that force is efficiently distributed from your arm into the soil, reducing strain on your wrists.

  • Total length, 35cm
  • Length of the handle ,14cm
  • Width of the blade, 5cm

Sneeboer Quality

Since 1913 the Sneeboer family have done one thing, and one thing only. Designed and produced exemplary garden tools.

The Founder, Arie Sneeboer, was noted to say ''If you are going to do something, make sure you do it right.''

Each tool is an investment for life and the company has a strong position of anti-consumerism. You won't see their tools for sale on any secondary platform like amazon or ebay and you never will. They value their stockists and they believe in selling gardening items that people will cherish for years to come. Not replace every other year after a breakage.

When Sjeord (the forth generation owner of the company) got in touch to chat about my business, I was honoured when he thought it was up to becoming a stockist.

50 Year Warranty

Yes, you read that right - a 50 year warranty.

Once you have placed your order, please retain your copy as proof of purchase should a claim ever need to be made with the workshop.

The ash handles have a 1 year guarantee though replacement handles are also available to buy if out of the guarantee period.

The tool heads have an extended 50 year guarantee period.

Under these guarantee conditions, they cannot cover the following damages:

  • Normal wear of the parts, lost or missing parts or any product that has been modified or altered.
  • Damage as a result of incorrect use of a product, i.e., when a tool is damaged after being used in a way that it is not designed for. For example, when a spade is used as a crowbar.
  • When the tool has damage because it has not been maintained properly. For instance when it is kept in a wet environment all year instead of storing it in a dry place.
  • These conditions are also not applicable for cosmetic alterations due to normal wear and tear that do not impact the integrity of the tool.

Before First Use

Treat everything with linseed oil. This way handles will remain their looks, won’t dry out and dirt will not stick to the wood. Even the stainless steel parts can be treated with linseed oil. That way dirt will also not stick to the blade of a spade, rake or hand tool.


1. Clean

First remove pieces of dirt and rust with a hard brush (therefore we especially created our beautiful Sneeboer brush from brass). This is important to stop the spreading of any diseases. When you have steel tools you can also treat the larger blades with rough sandpaper. However, this is not necessary for stainless steel tools.

2. Sharpen

A sharp spade is a pleasure to work with so use decent tool sharpeners. We recommend using our own developed tool sharpener which is very suitable for this work. Only sharpen the sloping cutting edge and ensure that you maintain the angle of the sloping part.

3. Oil

Rub the blade and wooden handles with a thin layer of cooked linseed oil. Then store the cloth with linseed oil away in an air-tight can away from open flames to prevent the cloth from catching fire.

4. Storage

This is the biggest challenge for most gardeners. But remember, the better care you take of your tools the longer they will last. Keep tools with wooden handles dry after using them, out of the sun and be careful with extreme temperatures and variations of humidity. Finally, make sure to keep the tools out of reach of children.


Standard postage is £4.50 and this covers a 2nd Class Royal Mail service. This may take up to 10 days. I always suggest that if you are ordering for a gift or need something arriving by a specific date, you upgrade to a 1st Class Royal Mail Service.

Postage fees covers all of my gardening accessories aside from compost and is charged per order, not broken down per item.

I'll always endeavour to dispatch your order within 24hrs. Though in the situation when I am away for a show, this may be extended.

Proper Garden Tools

Sneeboer have never tried to reinvent the wheel. Since 1913 all they have strived to do is to make traditional hand-forged garden tools... ''tools for life and for generations to come.''

The development of stainless steel in the 20th Centruy allowed the family workshop to master the production of this new alloy to create a corrosion-resistant garden tool. Now finished with hardwood ash handles, their tools have a reassuring weight and a proper feel - as Thomas puts it.

Synonymous with quality, their tools are cherished by gardeners of all levels across Britain & Europe. It's said “One who once has held a Sneeboer tool in his hands never wants anything else.”