If you are ever in possession of old terracotta pots and are looking to sell due to moving property, clearing an Estate etc... we encourage you to get in touch. 
Wherever you are in the country, we have the means to arrange collection. Send in an email with photos featuring the pot(s) from all angles (highlighting any areas of damage, decoration or any stamps), a description, measurements and any notes on condition.
On the same note, if you are ever after a specific pot or garden antique don't hesitate to ask to see if we can help you to find the perfect piece. A great example of one job is when we were contacted by a Client in Surrey who wanted an old copper vat for planting tulips. After seeing some sky-high prices online, she wanted to see what we could do. Short story even shorter, by that afternoon we had found the perfect piece which she later went on to collect. A very happy lady.