Tom's Terracotta Rhubarb Forcer

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Hand-thrown by one of Britain's 'Master Potters' to Tom's specifications; Our terracotta rhubarb forcers are an exact replica of original Victorian models now becoming very hard to find intact.

The restricted natural light turns the rhubarb into a delicate pink colour whilst halting the build-up of acidity... getting stuck into your own crop has never been so tasty. Try it stewed over natural yogurt and granola - double yummy!

Many people favour terracotta forcers as architectural ornaments, tucked into deep cottage-style beds. As the forcers weather from the British climate, the colour of the clay softens and you''ll find that over the years they naturally blend into your garden.

  • 45cm wide
  • 70cm tall


Every week of the year pots are being sent out across Great Britain.

1) I offer a local ''white-glove'' delivery service that covers a 45 mile radius from Tom's Yard HQ. This fee (calculated off your postcode) covers an entire consignment no matter how many items on order.

2) An economy England & Wales pallet service for just £55. Scottish or off-shore addresses requires a quote. This is charged per pallet however in most cases I can fit more than one pot on a pallet. Sometimes up to 6.

3) A courier service at request for larger jobs or when a more personal service is required.


Delivery prices are automatically calculated at checkout. For further information on the various services, click here or get in touch to chat through your order.

Care / Frost

My terracotta rhubarb forcers are thrown and fired by a pottery whose clay wares have passed formal tests from the AKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) for frost-resistance.


Each terracotta forcer & lid has been skilfully hand-thrown by one of Britain's leading Master Potters from a classic red British clay.

Bringing the past to life

Seen in walled kitchen gardens across Great Britain, these relics from the past hail back to the days of Victorian mass-innovation. Throughout the 19th Century, British gardeners were subjected to an abundance of new ideas and ways one could improve their garden.

Fast-forward to the 21st Century - as traditional country potteries such as Wertheriggs and Pembridge slowly closed, it became harder to find hand-thrown terracotta rhubarb forcers.... Until now!

Stewed Rhubarb - Yum!

Grab a few stalks of rhubarb, slice off the leafy heads, give them a wash and chop into pieces say 5'' long.

Heat a pan to a low-medium heat and throw your chopped stalks in. Slowly let them cook away until they release their water content. Rather than needing to add water, they stew just fine in the juices they release.

Whilst this is happening, add chopped ginger for a bit of a kick with orange or apple (sliced) for a third dimension. If a bit tart, a pinch of brown sugar won't hurt... This is home cooking, not fine dining - measures & times need not apply!

Cook until the stalks have turned tender then enjoy over yogurt and granola for a super tasty treat. My favroute!


Each week of the year my terracotta pots arrive at their forever homes. Having a safe & reliable delivery service is key to this business. I offer a 'local' delivery service up to a 45 mile radius of Tom's Yard alongside a nationwide pallet service.