Niwaki Everyday Sharpening Stone

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Fantastic sharpening stones specially designed for Secateurs, but also great for Shears, Topiary Clippers and other sharp stuff.

The golden rule is to soak thoroughly in water each time before use (5 minutes). And not to drop them. Use the concave edge to follow curved blades and the flat edge to tackle shears & clippers etc...

Use the #1000 grit for a few minutes every week to keep your secateurs in top condition.

        Age Verification

        Please note: By law, we are not permitted to sell a knife or blade to any person under the age of 18. By placing an order for one of these items you are declaring that you are 18 years of age or over. These items must be used responsibly and appropriately.


        Keeping Them Clean
        Remove leaf resin, rust and gunk with a Crean Mate and water
        Dry, wipe over with Camellia oil and store in a dry place

        Keeping Them Sharp
        New tools won’t need sharpening for some time, but after a while you’ll notice them gradually lose their edge, especially if you’re box clipping (you need REALLY sharp blades to get a good finish with box). Use the Niwaki Sharpening Stones for best results (#1000 grit is best for general sharpening).

        Sharpen Secateurs every couple of weeks
        Sharpen Shears and Topiary Clippers EVERY TIME you use them - the difference is amazing.


        • Use a smooth, gentle sawing action, doing the cutting on the pull, and gliding back on the push
        • Don’t let the weight of the branch pinch or catch the blade
        • Don’t twist the blade while sawing
        • Don’t use a small saw for a large job. Treat 1/3 of the length of the blade as the absolute maximum sensible cutting diameter
        • Don’t use a large saw for a small job. A 12" blade will happily cut a 1/2" branch, providing the branch is rigid - but most 1/2" branches move around a lot, and don’t allow for accurate sawing. Use Secateurs or Loppers instead
        • Don’t blame us if you snap the blade. Blades snap through misuse and poor handling, neither of which are covered under the warranty!
        • Japanese steel is hard and sharp, and can be more brittle than some people are used to - it will chip if abused
        • Do not cut wire, metal, stone, plastic or any other hard material (even bamboo fibres and some very hard woods, especially knots and burrs, can damage steel edges)
        • Do not twist or apply uneven pressure
        • Cut diagonally across branches (not straight across) so you cut along the fibres
        • Pay attention to maximum cut dimensions, and don’t overdo it (shears are not loppers)
        • Use the base of the blades, not the tips, for heavier cuts

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