BEANS Dried Alpaca Poo Fertiliser

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Dried Alpaca Fertiliser BEANS 400g

As recommended by Gardeners' World Magazine and commercial growers. Perfect for feeding all plants. Use as you would a top dressing, just scatter or slightly dig the 'beans' into the soil and they will provide essential nutrients for 6-8 months - i.e you are covered for a whole growing season.

Slow release nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium soil enhancer. Sweet smelling. Lightweight yet powerful. Use just a tablespoon in your indoor or outdoor potted plants or administer direct to soil prior to planting.

One bag should serve at least 20 feeds. Great for container gardening.

Alpaca fertiliser has plenty to improve soil texture and water holding capacity. Their low organic content allows it to be spread directly onto plants without fear of scorch. 

The bag can be recycled or composted, and can be re-opened and closed securely.

This product is cleansed to contain minimal additional organic material. It is hand picked from manicured paddocks, then dried, then picked again. This second picking means, as a gardener, you won't get the level of grass and weed seeds appearing as you do from ordinary farm manures. 

NPK 2.5-2-1