Some of you may be aware that outside Tom's Yard I'm a very proud member of Hereford Round Table.
Since 1927, Round Table has been a nationwide social group for young men. Originally set up to enable business men to socialise and to do good for their community outside work, in recent years the dated stigma of smoking jackets and whisky glasses has left for a new generation. The motto is Adopt, Adapt, Improve with the belief of #domore.
Each year Round Table raises over £4 million for local causes around the UK, with each table focussing on their local community.
I am very pleased to say that this week, at our latest quarterly meeting, Hereford Round Table managed to grant around £10,000 to causes throughout Herefordshire. This £10,000 covered 6 local causes helping to directly impact nearly 1000 people in small communities across the county. This included funding UK based holidays for 3 local families with children suffering from cancer, a subsidised school trip for disadvantaged children, and helping to upgrade a local club house & community centre for a Royal British Legion.
All of us around our jobs, businesses and family commitments had put endless hours into raising these funds through the events we run across the year. Not one member takes any money for time they commit to fundraising.
 Although this isn't directly related to Tom's Yard, I wanted to take the opportunity to spread the word about what we do and to thank you if at some point you had donated to us.
If you are not local, I'd highly recommend going on to google or social media to hunt down your local Round Table group (or the female Ladies Circle) so you can support their next fundraiser.
If you are local and know of a cause that needs some support - you can either put in an application to apply for a grant or nominate a cause through these links to our website.
Thomas Pearson