Since starting Tom's Yard my ambition has been to run a business known for sourcing some of the best pots in the UK. Be them new, old, or really old, this journey has lead to my pieces winding up on television, being featured in some truly breath-taking gardens (public & private), and the odd one even leaving the country. Would you believe it, outside the UK I now have pieces in France, Belgium and Germany!
For just under 3 years now, importing fine terracotta pots from Crete has been the basis of my business. However, I've always wanted to find another route to go down. As a 'buyer', this is the hard part. With so many potteries out there - the choices are endless!
Well, at long last, the search is done... for now!
I am so, so excited to introduce you to my new range of terracotta pots from Tuscany. Using quality Galestro clay (a unique clay rich in iron oxides and hard minerals), each pot goes through a very lengthy process from start to finish. Many of the large pots you see take over a month from first being made to being released from the kilns. They are thoroughly dried and then fired hot & long, over numerous days, to ensure that they are properly cured.
Aside from high frost resistance, the other benefit of using Galestro clay is the colour of the fired material. Due to the high mineral content, each pot has a rough surface and a reddish / white colour. Far more attractive that plain red/orange pots made from standard Sienese clay. The finished effect can be so smooth these pots can sometimes feel like plastic.
The reason why I'm so happy with my new pots is down to one main factor. The moulding. Due to the thickness and weight of Tuscan Pots, they are individually hand-moulded rather than being thrown like Cretan Pots. One thing I often spot in Tuscan pots, particularly 'garden centre' quality pots, is that the definition of decorative elements is occasionally rather poor. A Tuscan Rose may end up just looking like a splodge... whist a festoon or swag may appear very 2-D.  Hopefully, when you look at the decorative elements on my range, you agree; They are crisp and really do stand out.
Though, enough of my ramblings! Please, take a look here through the range and should you have any questions - just let me know.
Thank you for your continued support of my business. I hope to see you soon.
Thomas Pearson
Thomas Pearson