Yesterday was a very exciting and, equally, exhausting day!


After waiting many weeks, my latest batch of hand-thrown pots arrived from Crete.


This import saw 238 pots come into stock and we only had 1 broken pot... a new record seeing that I usually loose around 10 in the shipping process! It's always a huge shame considering the hours of work that goes into making these pots... but, do not forget, this is pots and not pillows!


This import saw 2 new models come into stock on top of topping up my best selling planters. There was a small number of around 30 more decorative urns - however I have an entire import booked to arrive in around April dedicated to urns.


The Yard now has over 500 Cretan Pots in stock making it one of the UK's largest collections!


With personal service and unbeatable prices - buying Cretan terracotta has never been so accessible. 


Thomas Pearson