Back in stock is my popular jute garden twine from Nutscene.
Since 1922 Nutscene have been manufacturing garden twines from their base near Dundee. Over the years they have developed quite the reputation in the gardening world with many horticulturalists swearing by the quality and colours of their twines.

Jute twine is a fantastic material to use in the garden for a multitude of reasons. It's a strong yet non-abrasive material making it perfect for not damaging plants when securing them to trellises and plant supports. Also, it's an affordable garden accessory costing merely a few pence per metre.

What's also easily forgotten is that Jute twine is biodegradable - taking around 1-2 years to degage. It is made from an environmentally beneficial crop; It's rain fed, fast growing, will grow on wastelands and improves the soil for future crops. Alternatives such as plastic or metal ties are not biodegradable (neither are they made through environmentally friendly processes) and can often cause damage to your plants.

 At Tom's Yard you will find a large collection of Nutscene Twine, available in handy 110mtr sized spools. From simple colours of natural, black and green to more fanciful pink, orange, blue and red - opt to go subtle or choose to be bold!

Thomas Pearson