Organic Liquid Seaweed Concentrate

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Carefully refined over a period of ten years, this is a superb concentrate liquid feed produced by The Shropshire Seaweed Company (SeaChem).

This is a zero-waste product - sold @ £1/20 per 100ml portion.

Simply arrange a time to visit the Yard and bring along a secure container (bottle, jar etc...) and I will dispense the quantity you require. If purchasing online, let me know when you intend to visit for your refill and choose collection on shipping.

  • For general use, 1ml per 500ml of water.
  • Can be used as a foliar spray or applying to roots.
  • Pure Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) from the North Atlantic coast.
  • Unbeatable for vegetables and fruits. And lawns... and houseplants!
  • Grow bigger, greener, higher, fatter.
  • Certified organic by OFG.
  • Vegan-friendly. No nasties.
  • Long 24 month shelf-life.

Using the finest seaweed from the cleanest waters, this raw product is distilled without heat or chemicals.

Organic gardening does not have to be complicated: if you're using quality products, the results will naturally follow.