Carved Stone Bird Bath

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A unique bird bath made from solid stone and carefully carved in the style of original Mughal architecture.

A stunning garden ornament from Northern India, one of a kind with a Portland Stone-like tone to the stone. Both bowls (top & bottom) have a lotus leaf style design and are shallow enough for birds to enjoy a splash.

This comes in 3 separate parts - each with a hole in the centre to allow for a pipe to run through the entire piece should you wish to turn it into a fountain. Although each part fits together in slots, a 2-part epoxy resin or concrete would be suggested to hold it firmly together.

As the base of the bottom bowl is not flat all the way across, this would want to be slightly set into the ground / surrounding gravel. Using a good quality corten steel edging to create a wider circle would help to enhance the overall feature.

Chibbles commensurate with age - this is not an 'off the shelf'' piece.