Just 3 weeks ago my latest import of terracotta pots arrived from Crete. Featuring some exciting new models, I've now had the time to shoot *nearly* all of the new designs at my favourite go-to, Stockton Bury Gardens.

The Thrapsano

A traditionally decorated, slightly tapered (but almost not) planter available in 2 sizes. The larger model has proved very popular with most now sold!
65 x 50cm
50 x 45cm

The Milli

Named after Milly, our Springer Spaniel, this very unusual decorative vessel is one of the best pots I have ever had in the Yard. It's a good size, usable in a garden of any size, but more importantly it's a very unusual model (I believe I'm the only stockist in the UK of this pot) and I think it's a lot of pot for the money - making it great value.
70 x 50cm

The Cretan 'Long Tom'

A design I have wanted for over a year, this smooth fluted planted is inspired by the traditional British 'Long Tom'. Yes, funniness aside - this actually is the name given to a planter taller than it is wide; Perfect for allowing the development of a good root system and great for really highlighting the planting of what's presented above. Available in 2 sizes:-
85 x 60cm
70 x 55cm

The 'Dopalis

Named after our Cocker Spaniel, Poppy (her nickname is Popadopalis), this unusual decorative model would make a very fun accent. Is it a planter, is it a vase? 
Of course you'll get those who say ''you can't possibly plant in that, the root's will become bound!'' however I say ''Nay! Have some Fun!''. Throw in some geraniums or herbs to keep it casual. You do have a nice wide mouth of the pot to play with, should you wish to do so. Just avoid grasses (as tempting as it might be) because those roots will develop and harden very quickly. Available in 2 sizes:-
70 x 40cm
50 x 35cm

The 50cm Roubakia

For over 2 years, the 60 x 65cm Roubakia has been a firm fan favourite of Tom's Yard. However, being quite a large planter, it made every sense to introduce a smaller 50cm version for more people to enjoy. I love this model because I believe a good pot should make your plants look amazing; The fluted design of the Roubakia does just that.

The ....

Currently awaiting photography, this unnamed model is the most exceptional pot to arrive from my pottery.
Standing at an impactful 125cm tall, this urn is a more shapely and upgraded size of the Amphora design. A perfect piece for standing in a deep border amongst mixed shrubs and herbaceous plants... Come Winter when everything has died back, itll make a prized piece of sculpture.  
Thomas Pearson