Early this morning a lorry turned up outside Tom's Yard and by 8am we were flying around unloading and checking stock (amidst working out where it was all going to go... eek!).
This import sees three new pots in stock on top of over 750kilos worth of pot feet! Yes, you read that right - the total number of feet is around 1500/1600... too many? I'll find out over the coming weeks! I'm just very glad I recently installed some new racking in the storage container.
The pot feet are an entirely new range to Tom's Yard. With 3 designs available, each in 2 standard sizes, it will be interesting to see which will be most popular. The wedge, the scroll foot or the corner plinth.
Feet aside (not usually a subject I focus on), the three new pot designs feature a new & improved Scroll Pot alongside a much in demand 60cm bowl and a larger & even more statement-worthy Orcio. Excuse my rough images, they will need to do until a photoshoot can be arranged.
The new & improved Scroll pot features a wider planting area, crisper & deeper moulding to the design of the piece with a greater detail to the actual scroll 'handles'. Although the new design carries a slightly increased price, I'm very happy with what the pottery have produced.
The new Orcio is breath-taking. Fatter than the Classic design with much more stature, it is quite difficult to capture the true form in picture. Although it is very round, in person you can still notice the flow of a vase shape coming through. Though shape aside, the ear-handles have a superb depth to the moulding with a more fluid, scroll pattern to the horizontal band. 
Thomas Pearson