It's not a common occurrence for an import to arrive early!
Today's import saw just over 270 pots arrive from Tuscany. What's exciting about this import is a wide feature of new models along with new sizes in the current ranges. Best sellers have been restocked (namely the 70cm Imprunetino Liscio) and the Yard reorganised to allow for even more pots.
My next job is to arrange a photoshoot for all of the new models. I hope to have this done within the next 2 weeks... weather allowing! For now, basic images taken in the Yard will need to do.
One new pot that I am particularly excited about is the Vaso Campana Imprunata. This small planter (well, small by my standards!) has a gorgeous shape and is perfect for really highlighting your planting. 35cm tall x 40cm across.
Thomas Pearson