Woo-hoo! There's not a better feeling than when an idea finally turns into something real...
Over a year ago I set out to try and create a locally-made range of rose arches. A passing comment I had long heard in the Yard was that Clients were looking for a good quality rose arch that they could buy without having to wait for one to be made. So I listened, went away, spoke with a number of workshops - and at last, have the perfect arch.
Made in partnership with a local family business just over the Worcestershire border, when designing the rose arch I had one main criteria; They must be made from solid lengths of steel. Why? Because I always find that rose arches put together in 2/3 sections required bolts. These bolts would always catch my eye as they annoyingly poked out, distracting from the arch (and planting!). It might sound petty - but that's how it is!
Although it cost a little bit more to have the Flora Rose Arch made from single lengths of steel, I think you will notice the finish is seamless, unspoiled by joining sections. With a single and a double depth Arch in stock, it will be interesting to hear which is most popular. I love the addition of the steel balls. They do a great job, subtly enhancing the design.

Local delivery (included in the price of each arch) will be carried out by myself and my courier will cover deliveries on a wider nationwide basis (get in touch for a quote). Flexible collection is always available.
Thomas Pearson