This past week has been very exciting, for behind the scenes a lot has been going on with regards to new ranges in the business.
Firstly, meet the new collection of solid bronze hand tools. A true pleasure to use; Handmade by Austrian Coppersmith's - these are robust, ergonomically designed and make easy work of the soil. Even better, compared to raw steel or iron, the metal requires no maintenance and keeps a very good edge.
The entire range is included in the 15% discount when ordered with a pot. Code GOODIES at checkout... Enjoy!

The Type A Trowel, £49 

With its robust design and good scoop shape, I find it is a very practical trowel for general garden use i.e. weeding, planting & potting.

It was the Type A Garden Trowel that first introduced me to the business who create these beautiful tools. I met a lady at a show who was raving about a special garden trowel in her shed. The very next day she came back to show me and instantly I was hooked!



The Type B Trowel, £49 

It's narrow size makes it a very handy tool for container gardening and bulb planting. Also mean for extracting deep-rooted weeds such as dandelions; The long narrow blade cuts into the soil without disturbing the surrounding plants.

The Greenhouse & Container Weeder, £30  

At one end, the small rake is handy for tidying the soil around your potted plants or for agitating out small weeds. At the other end, the spatula is very good for digging out weeds with deep tap-roots or for pricking out seeds.
This might be the tool you never realised you needed until now!

The Hand Fork, £49

Great for getting under weeds and loosening them or for transplanting plants from pots or the ground without damaging the delicate roots. 

Features curved tines for extra strength.


Thomas Pearson