Discover the weird and wonderful world of tomatoes with the Tomato Revolution.
Tomato Revolution is an online seed business based in Wiltshire, driven by flavour. Exclusively selling tomato seeds, their tomatoes are a celebration of rare family Heirloom varieties, modern new tomatoes, Dwarf tomato varieties, and ongoing projects developing flavour driven tomato releases. They grow, save and pack all of their own seed in the UK and do not sell seed from any other grower.
Before reading my interview with Lance, the tomato-obsessed proprietor, you must take a look through the varieties on their website to feel inspired.
Black Beauty

What is it about tomatoes that you love so much?

 Home grown tomatoes are so difficult to replicate with most commercial tomatoes tasting so bland. We love the challenges that come with growing them and the passion hobby gardeners have for them. Tomatoes come in so many shapes and sizes with many old heirloom varieties being unearthed along with innovative new varieties being created.

I imagine you have been growing for some time. When did a hobby turn into running a seed business, with links around the globe?

 We have been growing tomatoes for 18 years and built up a collection of unique varieties over time. We had such a glut of fruits we would sell them to the local farm shop. During lockdown we had time to be creative and set up our website to support the interest in growing heirloom tomatoes. The large UK seed companies have not innovated. It has spiraled from there.

Cuban Salami   

There’s no better person to hear it from; What are your tips to growing perfect tomatoes?

 Understand your climate and limitations. Grow in a greenhouse or tunnel if possible. If growing outdoors find a sheltered sunny spot. If growing outdoors choose early ripening varieties. Tomatoes are hungry so feed them well with nutrients to improve your crop.

Regarding the dreaded blight - why has it been at a high and what can gardeners do to combat fungal spread?

Combating blight is always a challenge. Global warming has helped increase the spread of blight with unseasonal rain and wind in July. Do not prune plants if there are upcoming rains especially in July and August as the wounds are a pathway for blight to get into the plant. It is fashionable to over prune but often it can lead to blight especially outdoors. Do prune outdoor plants.

Great Scott

Your range of seeds cover… a lot! What are some of the more weird and wonderful varieties that buyers would be shocked to see on your website? Are there any you would recommend for top flavour?

Our customers tend not to be shocked by our range as they are often looking for something different. We have varieties with furry skin, ones the size of a pea right through to 2LB in size.


Do you have a favourite tomato recipe? We recently came across a tomato curry in Julius Roberts’ cookbook that we can’t wait to try!

We have plenty of spare tomatoes as it is a bi product of seed saving. Our favourite is a tray of tomatoes, basil, shallots and olive oil slowly roasted in the oven. It is then passed through a fine strainer, seasoned then chilled for a cold roasted tomato soup. we add a drizzle of pesto and serve with a parmasan crisp. The other obvious favourite is tomato and mozerella salad.

Antho Pink Panther

You sell a wide range of heirloom seeds. Why do gardeners place an importance on growing old varieties? Surely newer ones have been perfected?

Old heirloom varieties have generally been lost or forgotten because they we not commercially viable. either the yields we low, got decease easily or the skin split on ripening. As a hobby grower who is not looking for high yielding tomatoes it is perfect to lean towards old heirlooms as their flavour is often superior. There are some wonderful modern varieties and many of these have been created by crossing with old heirlooms.

For people who grow bumper crops, do you have a best method for keeping tomatoes fresh for as long as possible?

Always pick tomatoes as soon as they change colour. After 2 or 3 days they will be perfect and it does not affect the flavour. Left too long they can split or become fluffy. There are a number of varieties available known as long keepers. These tomatoes will hold up for a number of weeks but often their flavour profiles are average.

Amy's Ohio   

What is the best way for a grower to harvest and store their own seeds for sowing next year?

 Saving seeds is not difficult. Dig seeds out of the tomato, put in a pot with a splash of water, cover and label. After 4 to 6 days the juice will have a mouldy crust. Wash the seeds until they are clean and dry for 1 week. store in a dry place and they can germinate for at least 5 years.

To finish up, are there any tomato growing myths that you would love to quash?

Blight resistant varieties are generally not blight resistant and a myth. Current gardeners generally choose tomato varieties from a pretty tomato they have seen on social media. Colourful tomatoes are often not that tasty. Do your homework on flavourful tomatoes.

Yellow Scallops

Thomas Pearson