Seeking a new individual for your annual roster of speakers? Then look no further! 
Container gardening is a tremendous way to deliver exciting visual impact and structure around a garden. Since 2020 I've been on a mission to establish one of the best go-to clay pot businesses in Britain and, whilst there is still a very long way to go, I've certainly become a bit of a specialist of the subject. Along the way I've advised Garden Designers on how to use pots in their schemes, worked with the television & film industry, whilst making sure hundreds of Clients around Great Britain are choosing the correct pot. 
I'd be thrilled to share my ideas around pot selection, the considerations of container gardening, important tips such as feeding & scale, and a background into what makes a good pot, ultimately, a good pot!
My talks last for around 1 hour and include a Q&A session afterwards.
Fee; £175, with travel included within 1hr each way.
I never claim to be a technical plantsman (so don't start quizzing me on my latin!). However, I always say; 'I don't know much, but I know pots'.