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Malus trees or Crab Apple trees are the most diverse of garden trees. There are many beautiful varieties, producing a dazzling range of blossoms, fruit, foliage, and habits. The Crab Apple flowers mostly appear in April and May in abundance, often covering the whole tree. Crab Apple blossom is fantastic for insects and great for pollinating apple trees.

Malus trees produce fruit in the form of Crab Apples. These are smaller than normal eating apples and are best used for jellies. Although there is no scientific distinction, apples that are smaller than two inches in diameter are considered to be Crab Apples. The taste is sourer than normal eating apples and they are much higher in antioxidants and vitamin C. They also make excellent natural bird feeders. Some varieties have very persistent fruit that remains on the tree well into winter, providing an excellent food source for birds.

Malus Crab apples are tolerant of almost any soil condition, except waterlogged, and happy in full sun or partial shade, Malus trees suit almost any garden. They are very disease-resistant and trouble-free. All Malus can be pruned hard to shape if required so they can grow in even the smallest garden. Some dwarf varieties and those grafted onto a dwarf rootstock are also ideal for keeping in a pot.

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