Today I had the pleasure of delivering 5 terracotta pots to one of the most unique country house estates in the UK.
With a landscape designed by Humphry Repton and a look that inspired Brighton Pavilion, Sezincote House sits in its own pool of historic homes & gardens. In terms of a property designed to a cohesive aesthetic, no detail is spared across the board. The thoroughness in replicating a Mogul Palace is outstanding. Pillars, railings, fountains, pinnacles, the bridge, outbuildings such as the stables typically left to brick or hewn stone (not to even get started on the main house)... It's exceptional.
I first read about Sezincote a few years ago in one of my books on garden history. I believe it was noted for its aviary (the building pictured to the left in the photograph below, where the sweeping orangery terminates in an octagonal structure). I remember how impressive I thought it was at the time - but did I think I'd ever have pots here? Not a chance.
I cannot thank the Head Gardener, Greg Power, and the family enough for giving me the opportunity to supply them with pots. It's been one of the greatest pleasures of my life to date.
I hope their citrus trees can continue to thrive in their new pots. You'll see them in Summer out on the patio, sat between the fountain and the main house.
For the rest of my days I can now recall how I once had a connection to this beautiful space. 
If you're interested in visiting, the gardens are open Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and BH Mondays. Well worth a visit - if you didn't already get the gist!
Thomas Pearson