It's been a hard day's graft but I'm thrilled to introduce you to the latest models to arrive today from Tuscany.
With no delay for pretty photoshoots (of course, it had to rain just after we finished unloading the stock!), allow me to introduce you to the latest additions. I hope you love them!
The Festooned Wall Planter
This classically decorated planter (featuring the same decoration as the Barrel Planter, one large festoon) is perfect for introducing planting right up against the home or adjacent garden walls. At 60cm tall, it's ideal for popular plants such as climbers and roses that can benefit from a bit more space. A row of these placed between windows or in key focal points would look sublime.
The Anduze Vase
Sometimes I like to really push the boat out. The new 68cm Anduze Vase is a specific shape perfected by the potteries in Southern France since the 16th Century and now reproduced by my Pottery in Tuscany. Perfect for statement planting, it features great depth - the whole piece is hollow including the foot. Decoration all around the top half.
The Campana Vase
Off the back of the Anduze Vase comes the two-piece 65cm Campana Vase. For centuries the Campana Vase has been an elegant model of decoration used throughout homes & gardens across Europe. The name associated to the vase derives from the Latin word campāna translating to bell. Again, this model is perfect for planting, though not as deep at the Anduze. Bulbs and general bedding plants work well.
The Circular Tapered Planter
I'm quite excited about this new planter. It's one of the first pots to hit the business that really lends itself towards more modern garden schemes. At 80cm tall, once planted you could easily hit the magic 100cm + mark which is great for impact. Use them to dress a front-door or to fill an awkward corner. Perfect for growing cut-and-go herbs by the outdoor kitchen!
The Bowl Range
Available in two standard sizes, these shallow 40cm & 80cm bowls are perfect for patio displays. Use your 40cm Bowl to introduce herbs & alpines to tables (a perfect outdoor centre-piece) and the larger 80cm for creating exciting patio displays of bedding, Spring bulbs or interesting multi-stem trees. You could almost treat it like your own mini garden!
The Egizio Pot
At 31 x 35cm you're still able to have some fun planting up this small, decorative pot. There's no need to necessarily plant yours because it is a rather pretty piece as it is! I try to avoid small pots where I can however this model was just calling at me to be in the Yard!
Thomas Pearson