The past 24 hours has seen a great deal of excitement in the Yard!
Thursday saw my latest import arrive from Crete. Long awaited after a brief delay, the shipment brought two new models into stock that you can see here (Perseus Pot / Knossos Pot). However, I really should highlight the Knossos. At 115cm tall(!) it's a spectacular display of a Potters skill. Although the image on the website taken in the Yard isn't great - I hope you get a sense of wow from the picture below.
At the time of writing, pot stock in the business is now at an all time record high of over 700 pots in stock!
Friday then saw my first arrival of ornamental trees for the Autumn Season. A mixed display of Cornus (Dogwood), Sorbus (Rowan), Prunus (Flowering Cherries), Malus (Crab Apple), Gingko & Cotoneaster - each variety has been chosen taking bloom, size and general appeal into careful consideration.
After seeing great success stocking olive trees for the past 3 years, it made all the sense to diversify my range into other attractive trees. And yes - some are perfect for containers!
As I'm not a mail order focussed business, trees will be sold for collection or local delivery only. However, that said - I've made every effort to offer my usual competitive prices across the range.
One final piece of news is that the Big 3 Year Sale ends this Sunday. I hope you all have the opportunity to visit so that you may grab some final deals on beautiful pots.
Hope to see you soon
Thomas Pearson