In a recent photoshoot by Frank P Matthews, you can see how the Tree Nursery in Worcestershire used one of my Standard Elii planters from Crete to highlight their range of Specimen Trees.
If you are a tree fanatic (I know for a fact one or two of you reading this are!), you are going to love one of my upcoming '10 Questions With' articles... held with Steph Dunn, fourth generation owner of Frank P Matthews.

Tom's Tips

There are so many different trees suitable for container growing. Two points worth highlighting are feeding and watering.
Trees in pots generally require a bit more maintenance than companions planted in the ground. It is important not to forget to feed your trees - the nutrients in your average bagged compost will be used or washed out after a number of months. Often quicker than many gardeners realise!
With regards to watering, as those roots are contained - do be sure to water more regularly as they have a limited space to seek water.
Mulching is always a great help. It helps to retain moisture in the Summer months and adds a layer of warmth in the Winter. Also helps to keep those pesky weeds at bay!
Thomas Pearson