Small Cretan Beehive SECONDS

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A small Cretan Beehive Pot. A small, insignificant chip to a rib with minor rubbing on the rim of the pot. Could be sanded down to reduce the effect.

H 61cm


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When I deliver it's a full 'white glove' service, meaning your pots will be placed exactly where you would like them to go. On top of this, I offer timed deliveries; So if you require delivery on a specific date & time (when a gardener is around, for example) this can be achieved.

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Saturday's, AM/PM slots and a faster service are available at a surcharge. This can be arranged with me post-sale.

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Care / Frost

At Tom's Yard we choose to import clay pots made from the best materials that are put through extensive firing processes, tried and tested by our Potteries for many years.

All of our clay pots are made to be left outside and enjoyed for 365 days of the year.

With that being said, there are simple steps you should take to ensure the longevity of your pots and also the health of your plants.


If prolonged or sudden, harsh freezing conditions are forecasted, we recommend wrapping your pots in bubble plastic or fleece; this should prevent the earth from freezing solid (and avoid the risk of splitting the pot) and at the same time protect any plants growing in them; a frozen pot will kill off a plant far easier that if it were growing in the ground.

Following the steps below will go a long way to mitigating harmful effects to your plants and will ensure that your pots last for years to come.


Drainage holes are vital if a pot is going outside. If not already in the pot, unless specified, we always drill holes before a pot leaves the Yard. Every so often check that the holes have not become clogged up, otherwise water could be retained within the pot, leading to root-rot, or the risk of damage to the pot during freezing conditions.

Although not always necessary, you can raise your pot off the ground to assist with drainage. Flat stones, tiles, wooden batons, plastic matting or terracotta feet are ideal.


If you are using the pot for planting, put a good layer of gravel and broken crocks at the bottom. This prevents the holes from getting clogged up with soil and aids drainage. Top up with a suitable compost/soil blend depending on the plants.

If the pot is enclosed with a narrow neck we advise that you avoid permanent planting or have a removable plastic pot within the terracotta pot. Otherwise the roots will grow into the ‘belly’ of the pot making the plant extremely difficult to remove.

Even in straight pots, do be aware of garden favourites such as Agapanthus and Phormium. These plants produce very strong roots than can split a pot. It's far better to grab a hori-hori and to split the plant.


Never stand your pot on bare earth. Being porous, the bottom few inches will soak up the moisture, frost playing on permanently wet terracotta may not be in the best long-term interests of the pot. Instead sit it on feet raised on a paving slab or dig a circle lined with metal edging and fill it with gravel.


The beauty of Cretan Pots is that each pot is entirely hand-thrown from clay only found on the island of Crete.

Once fired, due to the unique mineral content, some pots arrive more pale whilst others are more orange.

We recommend that you use each picture as a guide. However, don't get too caught up on colour - it won't take long for your pots to soften & weather as they are exposed to the elements.

Condition Disclaimer

All of the seconds sold on this website are purchased at the buyers discretion.

Having sold damaged pots since 2020, I am yet to hear any reports of a damaged pot failing. I strive to source pots that are well made and put through a more extreme, thorough firing / making process than average garden pots.

Though it must be stated that if a damaged pot deteriorates, Tom's Yard cannot be held responsible.

If your pot has a crack, think of a way to keep wet soil from resting against the area of damage. This could be through using crocks or gravel to free the area from soil.

All pots are listed with the major issues noted. However, there may be very minor aesthetical defects not listed, such as a tiny flake of clay or a brush mark.

If you require a full condition report - please don't hesitate to ask and I will forward on a more precise report on the pot in question.

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
'We sourced some amazing pots from Tom to house some of our cacti collection to adorn our new design studio space, the pots are just amazing and the service was spot on. I can’t recommend Tom too highly.'
— Adam, Virdis Horticultural